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The Chrysalis Corporation provides the tools you need to discover top talent. Our consulting services will then further refine your talent selection, ensuring a perfect fit!

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We Help You Select the best pre-employment assessment solution for your needs and Goals

Discover the best candidates for your business begins with the right selection of pre-employment testing solutions. This may different than the one you’re set on. Michael helps you pick the pre-employment test that best suits your organization’s needs and goals, resulting in fine-tuned talent selection from the get-go!

Cognitive Aptitude

Discover how well a job candidate handles moments of problem-solving and critical thinking, and gain insights how well they're likely to perform if they become the choice for the role.

Personality Profile

Gain a strong understanding of the individual's qualities and character traits, allow you to see how well they may possibly fit within your existing organizational structure and team dynamics.

Knowledge & Expertise

Does the candidate possess the skills and talent they claim or are they simply pulling your chain? A knowledge & skills testing component can reveal where the candidate succeeds (or not).

Emotional Intelligence

Sometimes a position requires more than an incredible skillset and expertise. You need those who bond with clients. Testing reveals a candidate's empathy, perception, and understanding.

Risk Management

Multi-dimensional testing provides employers with how well an individual follows procedures. It also reveals one's integrity. These capabilities are critical for long-term success and management.

we decipher what the testing report really says

The pre-employment test report contains a wealth of information about a candidate. Yet, what good is data if you do not understand the metrics? How can you get a read on someone if you have no basis? Michael’s expertise and extensive industry knowledge helps you decipher what the report really says, ensuring you truly understand the individual.

Reduce Turnover

Identify the applicants who are best fit for the role and are hungry to perform; resulting in less turnover at your business.

Speed & Efficiency

Conduct large scale hiring events with speed and efficiency, ultimately reducing costs while helping to find fantastic talent.


Standardize your hiring process so that it is consistent throughout your organization, allowing you to hire at scale.

Eliminate Guessing

Predict the potential success of a candidate before you hire them, and eliminate "guessing" when it comes to hiring.

Talent Match

Know how a candidate will think, relate, and behave in the work environment; helping you find great talent for the task at hand.

Fewer Mistakes

Increase your bottom-line by avoiding costing hiring mistakes made through misguided gut feelings or data.

now You can hire with confidence

Our pre-employment testing reviews and consultation services provide powerful insights to help you hire with confidence. Whether you’re hiring a few employees or a few hundred, the assessment systems and insights gained from our one-on-one engagement creates a profound, new way to hire effectively.

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Pre-employment testing solutions are built to scale. Whether you’re hiring a couple of individuals for your team, if you’re in an industry that has high turnover, or if you’re seeking the next CEO, you will approach each candidate with confidence knowing they’re a strong fit for your organization and its long-term goals.

The science-backed standards provided by pre-employment testing solutions, platforms, and the companies behind them offer a rigorous validation of potential hires. Combined with Michael’s industry insights, you will have peace of mind knowing you’re hiring the best candidates.

"We have had tremendous success in hiring the right people because of Michael’s expertise. It has been a game-changer! I wouldn't hire another person without his input."
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Cynthia Kaye
CEO | Alive Studios

Start Hiring Exceptional Talent

Our pre-employment assessments enable you to predict, with pin-point accuracy, how job applicants will behave, perform, and function in your organization and gauge their potential for success – BEFORE your hire them. The end result is decreased employee turnover costs and better hires – guaranteed!