Management and Executive Pre-Employment Assessments

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Prevue Pre-Employment Assessment Test

The Prevue assessment platform is a robust, customizable assessment system desinged to help you identify top-performers in management, sales, and executive-level positions.

ASSESS Psychological Testing for Business


  • Immediate testing, evaluation and reporting
  • Designed to also accept 7 different intellectual abilities tests
  • Validated by organization psychologists
  • Internet Ready / PC and Windows compatible
  • Inexpensive, automated assessment system
DISC Personality and Behavioral Assessment Profile

The Proception2 DISC behavioral assessment was researched and developed from the ground up for use in the business world. It identifies the behavioral tendencies, or “wrapper”, of an individual.

Business Motivators Assessment

The Business Motivators assessment identifies what drives a person’s abilities, personality and behavior. It answers the question of whether or not someone will be motivated to perform the tasks required of the position that you are considering them for. Motivators describe the “why” behind an indivudal’s actions.