Entry-Level Pre-Employment Assessments

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CNA Prehire Assessment

CLUES™ is a set of leading edge, validated behavioral assessments that measure personality traits, cognitive abilities and attitudes. CLUES™ was created using the most modern protocols for validation and is designed to be used throughout the lifecycle for employees for selection, development, succession planning, career development and strategic workforce planning.

CandidClues™ assesses six areas of potentially counterproductive behaviors by a self-descriptive inventory that taps six substantive areas of concern as well a Good Impression (validity) scale.

  • Hostility
  • Conscientiousness
  • Integrity
  • Substance Abuse
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Computer Misuse

The PeopleClues Employee Engagement assessment measures the engagement between an individual and his or her job and also to their employer.

The SELECT Associate Screening System is a family of related tests designed to measure important, work-related, personality characteristics in applicants for associate level jobs. SELECT allows employers to quickly and easily screen for characteristics associated with productivity, cooperative work behaviors, integrity and service to others.

FirstView Honesty Test

FirstView Counter-Productive Behavior Index (CPBI) is a cost-effective, pre-screening tool designed to help you identify negative behaviors and attitudes within the following areas:

FirstView CPBI is administered via paper/pencil. Administration is quick, easy and provides the hiring manager with reliable and valid information to assist them in selecting the most appropriate candidates.

FirstView Job Fit Assessment Test

FirstView Job Fit Indicator is the first 6th Generation pre-employment personality test with an optional cognitive section. FirstView requires only 15 minutes to complete and reports are available immediately.

FirstView Job Fit Indicator has 15 pre-defined job categories and is available on online.