Whether You Need One Assessment or a Thousand, We Can Accommodate You

Discover the best candidates for your business begins with the right selection of pre-employment testing solutions. This may be far different than the one you’re set on. Michael helps you pick the pre-employment test that best suits your organization’s needs and goals, resulting in fine-tuned talent selection from the get-go!

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discover the best approach to your hiring process

Are you hiring with intent or going in blind? Michael can help you refine the most important elements of your screening and selection process.

Applicant Screening

Screening tools are ideal for high-volume environments where businesses need to quickly qualify and sift through bulk applications. Applicant screening tools provide a quick and simple snapshot of the individual.

Applicant Selection

Selection tools are ideal for businesses needing a deep, forensic-like look at a refined selection of candidates applying to key, top-level roles. Here, stakes are higher so it’s important the applicant is the perfect fit. 

adapt your hiring process based on The role You Need

Refine your approach to hiring by pairing specific testing & assessment solutions.

Call Centers

Is your organization a call center? Or, does it have a call center department? We can help you find self-driven talent to fill seats.


Hiring a great sales person can make a phenomenal difference in your organization's success. Tap into our insights to find the best.


Agility is the name of the game when it comes to growing a SaaS business. We can help fill those all-important roles to achieve growth metrics.


Trustworthy, emotionally attuned employees are the backbone of banking operations. We excel in delivering results for banking clients.


A candidate in the education industry needs both talent and empathy. We'll help you find someone with the perfect mix of the two.


A strong understanding of the insurance industry, and the aptitude for sales and service, is what we help you find in those who apply.


Whether it's boots on the ground or filling a leadership role, a fine-tuned selection of quality talent is what we'll help you achieve!


The ebb and flow of the retail industry demands fresh talent along with those ready to fill managerial roles. Let's build your team together.

And Many More

Testing solutions and insights are available for more than what's listed here. Book a consultation for details if you would like to learn more.

Filling a special role? Book a discovery consultation with Michael.

assessing Your applicants has Many perks

Your selection of assessment solutions and platforms matter when it comes to finding and hiring the best talent in your industry. With the extra effort, data, and insights provided through our company, you’ll enjoy many perks that come from assessing applicants.

Assessment solutions don’t take all the guesswork out of the equation, but it certainly gives you the data to make informed decisions. The multi-dimensional approach to hiring offered through pre-employment testing solutions resonates throughout all of your business. 

From higher client satisfaction to tighter team cohesion and diversity, leveraging a strong candidate pipeline through testing and our consultation will help you move the needle in your organization’s success.

1 %

reduction in hiring and on-boarding costs

1 %

improvement of company & cultural fit

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Make Data-Driven Decisions About Your Hires

Our familiarity with industry-leading pre-employment testing solutions allow us to provide clients, big and small, with deep insights and data that help them hire smarter, better, and faster – every time.


The Prevue Assessment Suite provides you with an all-inclusive and customizable selection assessment solution.


The Outmatch Assessment is a full-service assessment platform. It is the most comprehensive solution available.

Big 5

The Big 5 Assessment platform is a turn-key screening pre-employment assessment solution.

Elite Profiling System

The Elite Profiling System (EPS) is a cutting-edge pre-hire assessment platform with feature-rich customization.

Business Motivators

Business Motivators help you determine if a candidate has the motivation to succeed in a position long term.


The Proception2 is a DISC based assessment that provides critical info about a candidate’s behavior and work style.

Sales Acumen Survey

The Sales Acumen Survey (SAS) provides a representative assessment of an individual’s knowledge of sales.

Learn about employment testing solutions and how we leverage them to make smarter hiring decisions.

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