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Prevue Personality Assessment for Sales

Prevue Pre-Employment Assessment Test

The Prevue assessment enables you to define a customized benchmark for sales positions within your organization based on criteria that you specify.

Prevue assesses 3 core areas:

  • Cognitive Abilities – Different sales positions require varying amounts and types of cognitive abilities or “mental horsepower”. For example, selling office supplies will generally require less cognitive ability compared to selling complex medical equipment. Prevue enables you determine the right combination of abilities that the position requires and then enables you identify applicants who’s abilities are in alignment with the position. This portion of the assessment answers the question of whether or not the applicant CAN perform in the job successfully.
  • Motivators & Interests – Just because a person has the ability to sell, doesn’t mean that they are motivated to do  so. This section of the assessment tells you if the candidate WILL perform in the job and maintain interest in the sales role over the  long term.
  • Personality – An indivdiual’s personality is one of the primary predictors of success (or failure) in a job. Some sales positions require a “soft” sell, or consultative approach. Others require more of a bulldog, ultra-competitive, cold calling, aggressive orientation.  The personality portion of Prevue describes in detail HOW an applicant will behave, perform, and sell.

All three components of the Prevue assessment provide you with the CAN, WILL and HOW data to enable you to select the right person and avoid hiring mistakes.

The Prevue assessment even generates customized, probing interview questions based on an applicant’s responses. These questions enable you to pin point and explore potential areas of concern during the interview process.

Here is an overview of how the typical Prevue assessment process works:

  1. Develop a customized benchmarks for the sales position in your organization (or use one of our existing, pre-defined benchmarks).
  2. Assess applicants and/or current employees.
  3. Interview top applicants using the customized interview probes.
  4. Hire candidates who fit the Benchmarks.
  5. Use benchmarks to enhance the development of your employees.
  6. Develop a succession plan using your Benchmarks and employee assessment results.
  7. Promote wisely from within your organization.

Click on the link below to view a sample of the Prevue Personality Assessment for Sales:

After you have had an opportunity to review the sample report, please contact us to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation employee selection consultation. You can reach us at (229) 257-0665.