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Business Motivators Assessment

Business Motivators Assessment

The Business Motivators assessment identifies what drives a person’s abilities, personality and behavior. It answers the question of whether or not someone will be motivated to perform the tasks required of the position that you are considering them for. Motivators describe the “why” behind an indivudal’s actions.

This tool assesses 6 key dimensions of motivation:

  • Conceptual – The interest in continuously acquiring and learning new information.
  • Economic – The interest in generating money and focusing on ROI wherever they invest their resources such as time, effort, money, attention, energy, and relationships.
  • Power & Authority – The interest in leading, managing, and directing others
  • Social – The interest in putting other people’s needs ahead of their own and helping others.
  • Doctrine – The interest in their own personal belief system.
  • Aesthetic – The interest in creating, and working in, an aesthetically pleasing work environment.

Different positions require unique combinations of the above motivators. When an individual’s business motivators as well matched to the position, they will remain engaged and interested in the job long tern.

Click on the link below to view a sample of the Business Motivators assessment:

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