Employee Engagement Summary

The PeopleClues Employee Engagement assessment measures the engagement between an individual and his or her job and also to their employer.

Company Commitment:

Individuals who are highly engaged with their employer tend to be loyal to their employers and see their jobs as a source of pride and enjoyment.

Job Commitment:

Individuals who are highly engaged with their job are typically inspired to go above and beyond their job description to help meet business goals.

The Engagement tool information: Employee Engagement Pre-Employment Assessment Test

The assessment uses a graph with Low, Medium or High to show the level of engagement to job and also to the employer. Dynamically generated interview questions are also included along with a summary statement.

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FirstView Job Fit Indicator

The FirstView Job-Fit Indicator is an entry-level pre-employment assessment that measures:

  • Rules—consistency, ability to deal with change, need for structure, ability to follow rules and policies.
  • Extroversion—need to work with others, communication of enthusiasm, ability to talk or listen.
  • Assertiveness—decision making, selling and closing abilities, ability to handle confrontation, willingness to take direction from others.
  • Teaming—teamwork, collaboration with others, competitiveness.
    Sensitivity—emotional stability, handling of criticism and feedback, dealing with stress.
  • Organization—planning, spontaneity, time management attitudes, ability to handle details.
  • Social Desirability—an internal validity scale to determine if the candidate is being frank with their answers.
  • Cognitive Ability—an overall aggregate measure of cognitive skills.

FirstView job templates are available for the following positions:

  • Administrative Assessment
  • Customer Service Assessment
  • Management Assessment
  • Persuasive Sales Assessment
  • Retail Sales Assessment
  • Telemarketing Assessment
  • Financial Assessment
  • Information Technology Assessment
  • Engineering Assessment
  • Warehouse Assessment
  • Production Assessment
  • Driver Assessment
  • Food Service Assessment
  • Hospitality Assessment
  • Health Care Assessment


FirstView Counter-Productive Behavior Index

FirstView Counter-Productive Behavior Index (CPBI) is a cost-effective, pre-screening tool designed to help you identify negative behaviors and attitudes within the following areas:

FirstView CPBI is administered via paper/pencil. Administration is quick, easy and provides the hiring manager with reliable and valid information to assist them in selecting the most appropriate candidates.

Every single day employees don’t show for work, steal cash and inventory, surf the web and e-mail on company time, and disrupt the workplace. It’s burning up billions of dollars of profits and inventory each and every year.

Fact #1: Unscheduled absenteeism may be costing you as much as $755 per employee.

Fact #2: 7% of employees believe that it’s okay to sabotage their employer’s computer system.

Fact #3: 6% of job candidates have had a criminal conviction in the last 7 years.

Fact #4: 46% of inventory shrinkage is a result of employee theft.

Fact #5: 40% of workers admit to making personal use of company e-mail and shopping online at work.

FirstView™ Counter-Productive Behavior Index is the most cost-effective screening procedure to identify these high-risk job work-related attitudes and behaviors:

  • Dependability
  • Honesty
  • Substance Abuse
  • Computer Abuse
  • Workplace Aggression
  • Sexual Harassment

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From A FirstView Counter-Productive
Honesty/Integrity Test

SELECT Associate Screening System

Cost effective tests to help you select and hire the best. The SELECT Associate Screening System is a family of related tests designed to measure important, work-related personality characteristics in applicants for associate level jobs. SELECT allows employers to quickly and easily screen for characteristics associated with productivity, cooperative work behaviors, integrity and service to others. Each customized report includes a step-by-step interview guide including recommended interview questions.

SELECT is available both online and in paper-pencil formats.

The following is a partial listing of selection reports are available:

  • Receptionist
  • Health Care
  • Help Desk Agents
  • Leasing Agents
  • Convenience Stores
  • Production Distribution
  • Call Centers
  • Hospitality

Job Clues Pre-Employment Assessment System

Business managers have tested more than 100,000 employees with the JobClues™ pre-employment assessment to measure how well they fit a job description. JobClues™ requires just 15 minutes on-line.

Using the CLUES™ pre-employment personality and Cognitive Assessments, JobClues™ provides reports describing an individual’s core behavioral traits and cognitive reasoning speed. The reporting describes the participant’s core Personality and Cognitive measurements in the context of various job categories and what affect they may have on performance in that type of job. It then provides specific behavioral interview questions based on how the participant scored in various areas.

We have developed numerous “job category templates” to assist you. These templates provide specific descriptions of behavior in the job category as well as a “generic” benchmark to use as an initial guide for determining job fit. It is critical that the benchmarks are adjusted to apply specifically to your job requirements.

The system is completely web based and requires only an internet connection. (Note, the assessment can be given on paper if necessary and then keyed into your online administration area for accessing reports.)

The basic job category reports and interview questions that are available are:

Job Clues

Bank Teller
Child Care
Construction Worker
Creative Writer
Customer Service
Data Entry
Executive Management
Food Service
Graphic Artist
Health Care
Human Resources
Inbound Call Center
Information Technology
Light Industrial
Marketing & Public Relations
Persuasive Sales
Project Manager
Retail Sales
Technical Writer
Sales Clerk

Leadership/Management Clues

Executive Clues
Leadership Clues
Performance Clues

Health Care Clues

Medical Billing
Lab Technician
Nurse Assistant
Pharmacy Aide
Direct Healthcare Support
Direct Healthcare Supervisor
Program Director
Registered Nurse
Emergency Medical Technician

Hospitality Clues

Back of House
General Support
Restaurant Manager
Chefs – Head Cooks

Property Clues

Property Maintenance Assistant
Property Maintenance Supervisor
Assistant Property Manager
Property Leasing Consultant
Property Manager

Salon Clues

Salon Spa Technician
Salon Front Desk
Salon Field Sales
Salon Manager

Unlimited, annual licenses are available.

After you have had an opportunity to review the sample reports, please contact us to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation employee selection consultation. You can reach us at (229) 257-0665.