Assessing Business Motivators for Training and Development

The Business Motivators assessment identifies what drives a person’s abilities, personality and behavior. It describes where someone will focus thier time, energy, efforts, and attention. Individuals and teams that understand exactly what drives them are able to function more effectively and engage in tasks that they are truly motivated to perform.

The Business Motivators assessment is often used in conjunction with Proception2 DISC Behavioral Assessment.

This tool assesses 6 key dimensions of motivation:

  • Conceptual – The interest in continuously acquiring and learning new information.
  • Economic – The interest in generating money and focusing on ROI wherever they invest their resources such as time, effort, money, attention, energy, and relationships.
  • Power & Authority – The interest in leading, managing, and directing others.
  • Social – The interest in putting other people’s needs ahead of their own and helping others.
  • Doctrine – The interest in their own personal belief system.
  • Aesthetic – The interest in creating, and working in, an aesthetically pleasing work environment.

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DISC Behavioral Profile for Employee Development

The Proception2 DISC behavioral assessment provides detailed feedback about an individual’s behavioral style — simply put, it describe a person’s preferred way of behaving in the workplace.

Unlike personality characteristics, which are often hidden beneath the surface of a person, DISC assesses behavioral dimensions which which comprise an individual’s “wrapper”. This wrapper, much like the exterior condition of a car, has an immediate impact on how others perceive them and the type of tasks that they gravitate to.

Proception2 assessment is the most work related DISC assessment on the market. It was researched and developed specifically for use in a business environment.

Proception2 is based on the DISC behavioral model. This model assess four primary areas of normal, workplace behavior. They are:

  • D – Describes how a person will respond and react to problems.
  • I – Explains how a person will interact with people.
  • S – Indicates a person’s preferred work pace.
  • C – Shows how a person will comply with work rules and procedures.

Download a FREE copy of our booklet Teamworks: 42 Tips Help Teams Thrive & Survive – A Pocket Guide to the DISC Behavioral Model. You will learn:

  • An overview of the DISC model.
  • How do identify your core behavioral style.
  • What makes your staff tick.
  • How to create instant rapport with anyone.
  • The best way to create and structure a team.
Explanation of the DISC Behavioral Model
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