Applicant Selection

what Is Applicant Selection?

The challenge of filling an executive-level role within an organization is immeasurable when the only data you have is through a report. As such, a deep dive into employment assessment reporting is critical for truly understanding applicants and whether they’re the correct fit.

Applicant selection offers a forensic-level examination of applicants.

Designed to qualify the top applicants (upon meeting prior criteria), we help you select top talent when the stakes are high.

Applicant screening allows those with hiring decisions to make quick, smart decisions about those who are applying for a position or role. It’s a discovery element that examines the data provided by pre-employment tests. The result is a better understanding of the candidate from a holistic point of view.

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Why use Applicant Selection as part of your hiring process

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"No one gets hired without going through an assessment. Working with Michael is like having a crystal ball that reveals exactly how people will behave. Plus, he gets the challenges that small businesses are up against. Very highly recommended."
Dale Viola
CEO | AXI Education Solutions

Here's How Start With The Applicant Selection Process

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