An iPad Stand That Fits In Your Pocket?

wingstandAs a fairly frequent road warrior, I’m constantly on the lookout for technology and accessories that make my life easier while traveling. Recently I had a speaking engagement that required me to have easy access to my iPad from the stage. A bulky case was out of the question. After digging around online, I discovered the WINGStand.

The WINGStand design is elegant, yet powerful. It consists of two clips that literally fit in your pocket! In less than 10 seconds you are able to position any iPad or smartphone at an ergonomic viewing angle. It’s perfect for those times when you need use your mobile device as an alarm clock, media display, control surface, or for video chatting.

If you are using an Apple wireless keyboard, it gets even better. The WINGStand will actually slide on to the keyboard, which creates an instant mobile workstation. You can easily send e-mails, take notes, or type anything else that you need to – all without craning your neck in some convoluted fashion.

Perhaps the best part – the price. At $14.95 for two clips, it won’t break the bank.

Here is a product video from the WINGStand web site:

The WINGStand is available in both white and black. For additional information and to order, visit:

Michael Spremulli is a corporate personality profiler and leading authority on pre-employment assessments. He’s also a self-admitted technology nerd. He regularly shares technology tips for small business owners and road warriors on his web site

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