How to Check Employee References

Checking references is a bit of a lost art… Checking references has become so maligned that many hiring managers today dismiss it as a waste of time but nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is if you’re willing to put in the work, checking references can be the difference between hiring your next superstar or hiring your next malcontent. Listen, I’ll be the first to admit… checking references can be a bit of a PITA. I don’t like picking up the phone and getting rejected either. I don’t like being told so-an-so can’t talk to me because HR won’t let him. Believe me, I get it. Unfortunately there’s also nothing I despise more than hiring the wrong person for the job and having to deal with the consequences after. In … [Read more...]

An iPad Stand That Fits In Your Pocket?


As a fairly frequent road warrior, I’m constantly on the lookout for technology and accessories that make my life easier while traveling. Recently I had a speaking engagement that required me to have easy access to my iPad from the stage. A bulky case was out of the question. After digging around online, I discovered the WINGStand. The WINGStand design is elegant, yet powerful. It consists of two clips that literally fit in your pocket! In less than 10 seconds you are able to position any iPad or smartphone at an ergonomic viewing angle. It’s perfect for those times when you need use your mobile device as an alarm clock, media display, control surface, or for video chatting. If you are using an Apple wireless keyboard, it gets even … [Read more...]

How to Hire Better Employees


Finding the best employees for your company shouldn't be like placing your chips at the craps table in Vegas... With the right process and strategy, consistently hiring good employees is as achievable as any other goal. Check out these tips and reap the rewards of hiring better employees. Begin from Within More and more employers are asking their employees for referrals to fill their open positions and there are many advantages to doing so. Better quality candidates, better quality hires, hires that stay on longer and overall less time spent during the recruiting and hiring process. These are all benefits of hiring employee referrals. However, it’s also important to recognize that there are also some disadvantages to employee … [Read more...]

5 Answers To FAQs About Pre-Employment Testing.

How Safe Are Personality Tests?

1. I have heard that testing is not legal. Is that true? That is clearly not true. In fact, proper use of good assessments can provide the most effective documentation of objective and nondiscriminatory hiring practices. Most legal issues occur when those instruments are used inconsistently or improperly. It is important to consult with individuals who are knowledgeable in such applications. Too often companies have failed to gain the benefits of new assessment technology because of conservative but uninformed advice. In today's competitive world, businesses can no longer afford not to explore every possible competitive advantage. 2. Won't some people be offended by being asked to complete a test? Certainly, but if some people are … [Read more...]

Good Data Missing When It Comes to Prediciting Hiring Succes

Employment Hiring Data

The truth be told, many companies that create sophisticated and rigorous employee screening and selection processes are based on gut, not facts, and the result is often a lot of theoretical and academic bull____. Bottom line: most managers have no clue what it really takes for an employee to be successful on the job and within a company. Considering that payroll and associated employee costs make up the highest expense in almost all companies, it behooves every employer to track and analyze the data. According to a recent article in Human Resources Executive Online, improved data analytics by human resources in the area of recruiting could have a tremendous impact on the bottom line. United States employers collectively spend about … [Read more...]

What DISC Can Tell You About Employees Who Bend the Rules vs. Live Life By The Book.

Hiring Manager

What makes some people slow down on yellow while others speed up? So why is it that so many people wait until the last minute when they know the deadline won't pass and the penalties are stiff for ignoring it? And why do some people try to beat the red light while others cautiously slow down? One answer lies in DISC behavioral styles. A very popular profile test uses the letters D-I-S-C to describe four different styles, or individual preferences. The "C" represents one style and it describes the behavior of people who are energized with "complying" by rules set by other people vs those who prefer to write their own rules. As individuals energized by Compliance tend to file taxes early and slow down on yellow, low C individuals tend … [Read more...]

4 Lessons Employers Can Learn From The Hiring and Firing of Ann Curry

DISC Personality and Behavior Assessment Profile

Ann Curry's dismissal from the "Today" show epitomizes what goes wrong when an employer hires or promotes the wrong person into a job. Curry was co-host with Matt Lauer for the past year. Formerly she was the show's news anchor. Her parting words were "I'm sorry I couldn't carry the ball over the finish line but, man, did I try." And that football analogy, along the lines of "get one for the Gipper" attitude, is the first mistake many managers make in recommending a hard-working, personable, dedicated employee for a job he or she is not suited. What management failed to recognize or give enough credence to was team chemistry. With her recent predecessors Katie Couric and Meredith Vieira, the show rose to be number one in its class. … [Read more...]

Rapid Change Fatigues Many Boomers

Entry-Level Pre-Employment Tests

If you're over 50 and feel like you're running a losing battle trying to keep up, you might be right. Consider these trends: It took nearly 38 years to get 50 million people to tune into the radio. But it took only 13 years to get 50 million people to watch TV. Copy of June 6, 2012Then along came the Internet and 50 million people logged on in less than 5 years. That adoption rate was exceeded quickly by the iPod. Fifty million people had one in 3 years. Those numbers seem quaint when one considers Facebook who acquired 50 million subscribers in 2 years and then nearly 200 additional subscribers in less than 1 year. What does this mean? The adoption of new technology is increasing at a dizzying pace. Acceptance of the radio spanned … [Read more...]

How to “Read” an Applicant’s Resume – Instant Hiring Video Tip


Discover how to get the most information from an applicant's resume. How to Read a Resume to Find Better Quality Candidates Read any resumes lately? Chances are you’ve seen resumes ranging from one end of the spectrum to the other… Resumes that looked like pieces of art, resumes that went way over the top trying to gain your attention and resumes that a toddler probably could’ve done a better job on!  Let’s face it, it’s getting more and more difficult to derive any benefit from resumes these days. But that’s not to say there isn’t important information that CAN be gleaned from a resume to the trained eye. The challenge with sorting through and reviewing a lot of resumes is you begin to zero in on and focus on exactly what … [Read more...]

Hiring Employees With a High Sense of Urgency – Instant Hiring Video Tip

Hiring Employees With a Sense of Urgency

Learn how to identify applicants with a sense of urgency and responsiveness. Instant Hiring Tip: Hire Employees with a High Sense of Urgency A common trait of highly productive people and companies is a high sense of urgency. A high sense of urgency drives individuals and the organizations they work for to work harder than their peers but more importantly their competitors. Most employers realize the benefits of hiring employees with a high sense of urgency but how do you go about identifying those applicants with a high sense of urgency? You can gain a lot of insight about how an employee will perform on the job and assess an employee’s sense of urgency during the application process. During the application process, one question … [Read more...]

8 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring Your Next Salesperson

Sales Personality Personality Test

When it comes to assessing a candidate's fit for sales, one size definitely does not fit all. Traits like assertiveness, criticism tolerance (ability to take a no), and resilience may be good enough to have when "getting past the gatekeeper"and "closing a sale" are the two most critical skills required. But selling complex products or differentiating a company's services from its competitors require consultative and relationship selling skills that many salespeople do not have. For example, transactional sales, especially those based on primarily on price, depend upon the ability to get people to accept your call, negotiate the best deal, and close quickly. More complex selling opportunities require extensive product knowledge, broad … [Read more...]

Focusing on Job Applicant Behavior for Better Hires – Instant Hiring Video Tips


Discover the "red flags" that can alert you to future problems from job applicants.   If you want to give yourself an idea of how an applicant will behave once he or she is hired, do yourself a favor and pay some attention to their behavior during the hiring process. Keep in mind that an applicant should be on their very best behavior during the hiring process so anything other than that should be a red flag. In particular, beware of people who are creating problems for you during the application and hiring process. For example, they are not following your directions when it comes to submitting the appropriate paperwork; they’re difficult when it comes to setting up a first or second interview claiming that their … [Read more...]